Jackson is Saving Black Men’s Lives on Saturday, April 6th, 2024


Black Men’s Wellness Day is a dedicated day to prioritize and uplift the health and well-being of Black men across the country. Stemming from a rich history of over 20 years of community engagement and empowerment, the AAWellness Day seeks to address and reduce health disparities faced by African American men by providing critical resources, raising awareness, and fostering community collaboration.

Through a combination of FREE HEALTH screenings, community partners, and local civic leaders and community influencers, AA Wellness Day aims to educate men about the importance of regular doctor visits, understanding their health metrics, and cultivating a proactive approach to their overall well-being. The day not only serves as a vital touchpoint for health but also as a beacon of unity, strength, and a continued commitment to a brighter, healthier future for Black men and their families. 

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Atlanta, Georgia

Johnson & Johnson highlights partnership with AAMWA

The African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA) is featured in an article by Johnson & Johnson about their My Health Can’t Wait program. The initiative was launched in 2020 as part of the Race to Health Equity and has evolved into an impactful initiative fostering …

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Atlanta, Georgia

Highlighting Diabetes Awareness: Our “U Got This” Collaboration with Abbott and ADA Featured on USA Today

  In a significant feature on USA Today, the African American Male Wellness Agency proudly stands alongside our esteemed sponsors, Abbott and the American Diabetes Association (ADA), to raise awareness about diabetes. This article illuminates the critical aspects of diabetes management and the powerful impact …

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Atlanta, Georgia

The Goal of the Black Impact with the AAMWA

Black Impact 100 is a single-arm pilot program in which we enrolled 100 African American Male participants who have poor or average cardiovascular health in an effort to improve the above over a 24 week clinical trial. The Goal of Black Impact 100 is to …

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Atlanta, Georgia

What is Black Impact 100?

The Black Impact 100 is a community-based intervention research study in partnership with The Ohio State University in which we engage 100 African American males over a 24-week period to improve their lifestyle by following a specific fitness and nutrition regimen based on the American Heart Association’s Life’s …

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