It’s Our Problem Too

Take the Opioid Awareness Community Pledge

Thank you for visiting our page to take the Opioid Awareness Community Pledge! 

My name is Dana Lavender and I am the Opioid Awareness Program Manager for the African American Male Wellness Agency. 

Black People are dying from Opioid Overdoses in our community ad we are here to spread awareness and fight the crisis together. 

“The number of fentanyl-related accidental overdose deaths among African American residents of Franklin County was 2 and a half times greater in 2020 than in 2018.”

Its Our Problem Too! 

Take the Pledge TODAY to: 

1. Recognize the Opioid crisis surrounding our African American communities. 

2. Promote mental health and Opioid-Free enviornment for our black people.

3. Provide mental health and treatment facility resources and guides to help African Americans in need of Opioid abuse support. 

4. Respond to the Opioid crisis in rapid sensitive and non-confrontational manners to those seeking help. 

5. Complete a Narcan training. 

Thank You! 

If you have any further questions, please contact Program Manager Dana Lavender 

Email: Phone: 614-754-7511