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Real Men Real Talk Series

Opportunity to gather Black men to have safe conversations  regarding mental health, drug misuse, and drug addiction.


Press Release for 2023 Real Men Real Talk National Discussion

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Real Men Real Talk

Because mental health is affecting the African American community at an alarming rate the NAAMWA created the Real Men Real Talk (RMRT) community conversation series and annual conference to reduce the stigma that mental health doesn’t exist in the black community and provide safe spaces for disclosure and healing. RMRT provides men the opportunity to express their feelings, be vulnerable, talk about their family, wellbeing, family life and lifestyle overall. RMRT has been effective in addressing issues such as opioid addiction, trauma, violence and social isolation. The NAAMWA has also successfully established a network of mental health professionals and agencies who have committed to support our attendants with mental health services.  We also have a 24/7 monitored mental health hotline where someone in need can reach our agency for assistance at any time.

Opioid Awareness

The rate of increase of African American drug overdose deaths between 2015-2016 was 40 percent compared to the overall population increase at 21 percent. Following in 2018, 1.2 million non-Hispanic Blacks and 10.3 million people nationally, aged 12 and older, were estimated to have had opioid misuse in the past year. This exceeded all other racial and ethnic population groups in the U.S. during this time period. For this reason, the NAMMWA provides an opioid awareness campaign that uses culturally relevant messaging and creative visual elements to make all aware of the state of opioid usage amongst the African American community and provides education on how to support those who have been identified with a struggle with opioid addiction. In addition to our awareness campaign we have established a network of treatment centers and mental health services to ensure that our campaign is supported with available services for all in need.

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Mental Wellness

Opioid Awareness with the African American Wellness Agency

The opioid epidemic has been one of the most significant public health crises in recent years, affecting communities across the United States. While the crisis has impacted people of all races, it has had a particularly devastating impact on the Black community. Despite this, awareness …

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Columbus, Ohio

Community Conversation: Addressing Mental Health with Black Men

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Mental Wellness

The African American Male Wellness Agency is Hosting a National Mental Health Summit

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