Urban Aging Residents Coalition

Wellness + Wealth + Wisdom… because everybody’s Aging

There is a rich heritage and legacy that offers the bounty of the harvest for our community growth and sustainability.  Now with a special emphasis on The Urban Aging Residents Coalition (UARC) applying a laser focus on rising issues with a urgent need to improve and uphold three basic pillars: 1). Health  2). Education 3). Quality of Life.  The UARC model has identified Elders, Blacks/African Americans encompassing “Aging” with these individuals profiled as being socioeconomically disadvantaged with multiple layers of risk factors.  Most often there will be an alignment with the support and guidance of many Advocates to uphold the component of the Coalition.

There are emerging needs for this very sensitive and delicate group of residents which profoundly reflects a segment of the fabric of humanity that must not be forgotten.

Contact Information: 

Urban Aging Residents Coalition (UARC)
Affiliate of African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA)

2780 Airport Drive Suite 333
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Pamela Shields
(614) 822-0045


“In the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber.  So long as it receives a message of beauty, hope, cheer, and courage—so long as you are young.  When the wires are all down and our hearts are covered with the snow of pessimism and the ice of cynicism then, and only then are you grown old”—Douglas MacArthur

UARC will lift up a “Voice” in a tactical mobilization of Advocates & Stakeholders & Partnerships to guard the Elders & UARC and advance our mission.  

“Silence is Slavery”—anon.

The mantra moves on to empower the Chain-Reaction of the Movement

I am the face of the Urban Aging Elders
I am the face of the Voiceless
I am the face of the Powerless
I am the face of the Nameless



UARC will educate Elders through strategic methodologies & sustainability that will engage Health and Technology to Improve Quality of Life. 


UARC envisions platforms to mobilize, energize and empower Elders as Older Adults with enhancements for increase Life expectancy.

The Future of UARC as an Affiliate of the African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA) This collaboration with UARC, being an affiliate with AAMWA, embraces an emerging domain in social and health sciences, generating specific implications far beyond the borders of discipline by assisting Elders in the aging populations and urbanization quadrants that culminates in successful human development across the lifespan. 

Historical Value:

Trends impacting Aging Elders have produced disparities which are constantly re-shaping the older populations with socioeconomically & health disadvantages.  There is a prevalent level of complexity associated with the COVID-19 and Global Pandemic stratospheric elements that are intense interactions because the Urban Aging Elders are within the high risk pool as well as having limited, and in most of their lifestyles, no adequate technology skill sets which broadens the Digital Divide—profoundly effecting their healthcare and survival.  These rapid changes are producing multiple layers overwhelming the Urban Aging Elders—social isolation, loneliness, health challenges, chronic diseases, depression, and often poor nutrition as well as overarching community violence.  UARC was birthed out of the need to rally public voices and Advocates committed to uphold and improve the lives of Elders within their communities.

Bridging the Intergenerational Divide:

This a broader scope of an intergenerational approach offering specific and culturally based social interaction between members of families within communities operating with social interaction.  This further expands the acquisition of respect and shared economic development to strengthen “Community” on the bedrock of “Unity” UARC identifies barriers with our young people and seeks to support guidance alongside many youth that have been experience environmental traumatized circumstances.  UARC desires cradling opportunities through our voice to gently express to our young people there is no need for us to share the same DNA because we are unified through our Community with Families being held together in “Unity” and striving to reduce Violence and strengthen the building blocks for safe and healthy lifestyles.

“Commit to Pray for Peace”

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I Learn”-anon.