We conduct and participate in community-based intervention research studies to improve the quality of life among African American men and their families.

The Black Impact 100 is a community-based intervention research study in partnership with The Ohio State University in which we engage 100 African American males over a 24-week period to improve their lifestyle by following a specific fitness and nutrition regimen based on the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 guidelines. 

Research Programs

Black Impact 100

Due to research and accurate medical studies being an essential part of providing successful medical treatment relative to the African American biological build Black Impact 100 was formed to increase the participation rate of African Americans in research studies- providing the data necessary to improve overall health within the African American community.

Black Impact 100 is a single-arm pilot program in which we enrolled 100 African American Male participants who have poor or average cardiovascular health in an effort to improve the above over a 24 week clinical trial. The Goal of Black Impact 100 is to develop a sustainable, community-based model for activating African American men who are at risk for poor outcomes from metabolic diseases, cancer, to embrace wellness, increase attainment of life’s simple seven cardiovascular health measures and engage in clinical trials