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August 14, 2021

Our Mission

The mission of The African American Male Wellness Agency is to develop, expand, support, and sustain the education and awareness of the inequalities of access to healthcare, the disparities within the disproportionate impact of African American males and their families who have pre-existing health conditions and further are dying from preventable diseases.

Our Six

Core Initiatives

We develop men into great fathers and remove barriers that may hinder their participation in the lives of their children.
The African American Male Wellness Agency provides financial wellness services to advance the economic state of African American men and their families.
We provide educational programming and resources that are essential to improving the overall physical wellbeing of the African American male and his family.
We bring awareness and help reduce the stigma of mental illness in the African American community.
We provide access to sustainable community based modeled health studies by engaging the African American community in programming most pertinent to their lifestyles.
We provide professional socialization and personal support to facilitate the success of young African American male and females.