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Our Mission

The mission of The African American Male Wellness Agency is to develop, expand, support, and sustain the education and awareness of the inequalities of access to healthcare, the disparities within the disproportionate impact of African American males and their families who have pre-existing health conditions and further are dying from preventable diseases.

A Message from our Founder

John H. Gregory

In 2004, I created The National African American Male Wellness Walk/Run Initiative to begin the process of making men understand, through prevention, one can live longer. This event allows men and their families across the country to obtain free health screenings and raise awareness in living a healthier lifestyle. As you read the following articles and review the data, my desire is for you to Join the Movement.

Founder, National African American Male Wellness Agency

Letter from President Barack Obama

“I send greetings as you gather in Columbus to promote the health and wellness of African-American men.

Everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy life, and all our communities should have the support they need to thrive. Yet despite the overall improvement of health care and services across America in recent years, disparities in health persist…”

Eliminate Health Disparities and Racism


  • More likely to receive POORER Quality Care when compared to White Men

  • 30% MORE LIKELY to die from heart disease than White men

  • 60% MORE LIKELY to die from stroke than White men

  • 9 TIMES MORE LIKELY to die from HIV than White men

  • 2.5 TIMES HIGHER prostate cancer mortality rate than White men